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Ferrocarril: Conca Valley with Ignacia Ruiz and William Davey

September 2015: London to Montefiore

We begin our journey in Montefiore. After a couple of days of walking and shaking off the busy city life of London, we embark on our mission of documenting the Conca Valley. Our aim is to depict faithfully via drawing the everyday life of its inhabitants. There is no set pathway or specific places to see, the only rule is to carry a sketchbook and let the people we meet recomend what to visit or what to see.

We want to be faithfull to what you would tipically find in this area, without dressing up or inventing things that are not true.

For the purposes of this blog, William's drawings are in colour and Ignacia's are in black and white.

We hope you enjoy our journey!

William and Ignacia



We make our way through the nearest towns of Gemano and Onferno

We catch a lift to Cattolica, where the summer season has not quite reached it's end. From there, we visit Gabicce Monte



Next up is Morciano, where we meet people at the local market and try the best porceta in the region.

We go to the Vineyards of Agricola i Muretti in Casa Monte Cucco where we look at the harvest of grapes for wine. Here, we see the process from picking to harvesting to making wine. We try the wine too of course!














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amazing works!

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